About Us


Arkdown are a 4 piece metal band from Sheffield, UK. Formed in late 2015, the band draws heavily on modern metalcore and death metal influences framed by their signature melodic but heavy riff based style.
“Death metal twist on the usual metalcore methodology” - Metal Hammer Magazine
Self-releasing the single 'In Torment' and their debut EP 'The Calling' whilst touring the length of UK, Arkdown have supported a glut of heavy hitters in the scene from Fit for an Autopsy and Oceans Ate Alaska, to Kingdom of Giants and A Night in Texas.
With the release of their second standalone single, 'Miasmic' came a maturing step in the band's sound and an extension of their reach as they broke out of the UK to play shows in mainland Europe before Covid-19 put the brakes on. Since then Arkdown have taken the time to refine both their line up and sound as they began work on their next record, Terra Phasma, which will be released on 3rd December 2021.
Joe Hallam - Vocals
Mike Dyson - Guitar
Mike Walker - Guitar